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Anmerkung von Jailmail: Wer sich mit einem dieser Inserenten schreiben will, muss kein Kontaktformular oder einen ersten Brief an das Postfach senden. Jeden Brief bitte direkt an den sich im Ausland befindlichen Inserenten senden!

Info´s für den Briefwechsel in ein Gefängnis in den USA ist in den News und Tipps zu finden.


*Geburtsjahr 1955*Kansas*

Hi Ladies!  My name is Dave Russell and I am incarcerated in the Federal Bureau of Prisons in the United States of America in the State of Kansas. I am a young 62 years old and from Harrisonville, Missouri. I am  looking to meet someone for letter exchange and possible e-mails in English. I am a hard working maintenance guy here at the facility and in my free time, I enjoy music. I play in a couple of bands. I am the Lead Guitarist. It brings me alot of joy to play music. I also workout, lifting weights. I work hard to stay in as best of shape as possible. Now I am looking to meet someone who would like to write and be penfriends. I will answer all who write. Pictures are not a must, but they would be a plus. Thank you for your interest in me and I hope to hear from you soon.

David Russell
USP Leavenworth
P.O. Box 1000
Leavenworth, KS 66048


*Geburtsjahr 1975*Texas*  

My name is Andrew Howard Long. I have green eyes. I like sports, I amvery athletic, my favorite sport is American football. I used to ridemotorcycles. I am a very good carpenter. I am interested in electronics,drafting and construction. I love animals. I am a Christian. I would describemyself as honest and calm. Please write to me, I would love to have you as mypenpal! Ladies and gentlemen, write to me! Please write in English, but dowrite. 

Andrew Howard Long
Darrington Unit
59 Darrington Rd.
Rosharon, Texas, 77583


*Geburtsjahr 1972*Louisiana* 

My name is David Brown. I'm a black man from New Orleans, Louisiana and I have one son. I'm at the Death Row.  As I have little to no contact with the outside world I'm looking for women and men who are willing to start a honest correspondence with me. I'm not looking for romantic letters - I'm looking for an open-minded friend, someone who's upfront with me. I like painting, global politics, books, music, social issues and nature.
Please write in English. Hope to hear from someone soon!

David Brown 
LA. State Prison
Angola, LA. 70712


*Geburtsjahr 1974*Texas* 

Ladies of the world! Hello, my name is Terrance, I´m African American, brown eyes, 2/2 lbs (not fat). I love the great outdoors, love having fun,horseback riding, watching movies and dancing. I´m a God fearing man, neverbeen married and no children. I´m an electrican an plumper by trade. I´m agreat listener, love being happy so I´m reaching out to the ladies seeking goodsolid friendships. We don´t ever know what tomorrow may bring for good solidfriendships between man and woman. I feel as thought the only type of womanthat may understand me are those that are God fearing and are in pirsnit ofhappiness. Ladies of the world, please write to me in english please. I believewe can learn from the other and grow together. 

Terrance L. Hayes
Darrington Unit
59 Darrington Rd.
Rosharon, Texas 77583


*Geburtsjahr 1971*Texas* 

My name is LaRoyce. an black American. I am seeking someone who ist devoted to writing. Race or religion doesn´t matter. Correspondence can´t be emphasized enough. A few lines through the mail a week is the only line of communication that is available. Being subjected to years of sensory deprivation a man can lose all hope, sensitivity, compassion and meaning of life. However, prison has not deteriorated my desire to live. I came to prison when I was 19 years old, practically still a child. I have grown into a man reared on solitude and prisonknowledge, on pepper gas, on books, on tears. In many ways I am still a child at heart, but I have grown mentally, emotionally and spiritually over the many years. I am open minded, sincere, not judgemental, with dignity, pride and principles, respectful towards others and myself. I am not perfect and I don´t expect perfection. Do not judge me until you get to know me. I will always give 101 % of myself to make things work and build a sincere and beautiful friendship. Among the things that I enjoy are: studying, reading, music, writing poetry, exercising, spending time in the craft shop and writing letters. It would be wonderful to hear from you! 

LaRoyce L. Smith
Mark W. Michael Unit
2664 FM 2054
Tennessee Colony, Texas 75886


*Geburtsjahr 1980*Michigan* 

Hello! I appreciate your attentione to my profile. My Name is Antonio and i was born in Detroit/Michigan in 1980. I am Interested in establishing a new friendship and i would like to correspond with you. Being incarcerated has definitely caused my world view to be altered in many ways, but i am always trying to expand my way of thinking and broadening my horizons. I am a  man seeking companionship. I have learned to carry three core principles into practice: keep your world, never value money more than people and never give up on self. I am interested in corresponding with a female who is open to communicating with a guy. I am into learning and expericing new things, traveling and consider myself confident and ambitious, yet i never take myself too seriously. The woman i am seeking should be open mind, confident and genuine herself. A woman who is ride or die. Let me stimulate you mentally and also demonstrate congruence with you spiritually. I would like to get to know you who i am and discover what we could be to eachother. Ethnicity is unimportant to me, but your level of humanity is important. Age is irrelevant, but your emotional security is important. Please contact me in english directly at the adress below. All replies are welcomed! I am happy to read from you! 

Antonio Stapleton
Baraga Correctional Facility
13924 Wadaga Road
MI 49908


*Geburtsjahr 1973*California*

Hello, my Name is Robert Martinez and hoping to find a potential friend that is compassionate and understanding.Although I am incarcerated I am not defined by my circumstances. My perspective on life has evolved immensely and because of that I have taken many steps to changing my lifestyle and thought process.I enjoy reading, writing and helping other people, which is why I am a tutor for those who are seeking to obtain a high school diploma. I have started learning to read and write German and I would appreciate any assistance with that. I have learned to be a better listener which I have found to be even more beneficial to me, because it has allowed me to be considerate and patient. That said I hope to hear from whoever wants to write to me. Anyone who writes will receive a response.

Robert Martinez 
CSP-LAC, A2-111
P.O. Box 4430
Lancaster, CA 93539


*Geburtsjahr 1987*Texas*

Hello, my name is Preston. I´ve been in prison for many years. This place can be very lonely and depressing. I miss talking and interacting with people outside of here and would love to meet some new people that I can get to know and build friendships with. I´m an outgoing person who loves life, enjoys working out and learning new things. I´m funny, love fun, an intelligent man and would like to meet some sincere, genuine and unique people who are interested in getting to know me and would like to be post of my live.

Preston J. Byerly
Darrington Unit
59 Darrington Rd
Rosharon, TX 77583


*Geburtsjahr 1987*Arizona*

Hello! My name is Eddie. I'm on Death Row in the United States. I am very interested in a pen friend.Well I'm 30 yr's old, I've been looked up, since I was 19. I would like some one close to my age. Hopefully a girl, because I'm surrounded by men all day. I want some one I can talk about our life and about music with. I like pretty much everything: Rock, Pop, Rap and so on.I´m interested and would like to learn about Germany and your culture. I'm Mexican and Irish and have lived in the United States my whole life, I was born here in Arizona, I've got a weird personality and like to laugh. I wish a friendship to a penfriend who´ve got a good sense of humour and isn't to serious. But will check in my dictionary from now on. It would be great to find an honest woman as penfriend who is always at my side, so take care...

Eddie Rose
A.S.P.C Florence 
Central Unit 
P.O. Box 8200
Florence, AZ 85132


*Geburtsjahr 1975*California*

I´m Ricardo from San Quentin Death Row, in California. I'm looking for someone who´s willing to write to me that is honest and kind hearted like myself. It doesn´t matter if your female or male. I can be friends with anyone. I don't have any female penfriends so having one would be nice and different. I like what Proverbs 27:17 says in the Bible says: "Let Iron sharpen iron and so let a person sharpen the character of his friend." The idea is that people grow from interaction with one another. I also believe in the power of positive thinking. As we think and speak that's what will be. So are you willing to be that person? Stop looking cause you're found the one your looking for.

Ricardo Villa
5-East Block-91
San Quentin, CA 94974


*Geburtsjahr 1967*Florida*

I´d like to find some new penfriends in Germany. I´ll write to young and older alike. My Birthday is 9-26-67. I enjoy reading books of all different Genres, History etc.. love Music of the 80´s and the like. I enjoy learning new things and I need help with my German. I grow up in Oklahoma, the Wild West. Also traveled through the states with my family. From Canada and N.Y. to the Midwest and New Orleans. I was Born on the island of Bermuda. Now I would like to hear about you, your family and your country. Now I waiting for your letter.

Curtis Ovletrea
# 337922
Mayo Correctional Institution8784 US Highway 27
West Mayo
Florida 32066


*Geburtsjahr 1971*Florida*

I believe nobody is ever to old to learn....
Hi, my name is Christopher, called Chris. I´m sporty, Soccer and Football. I grew up in New York, but for the last 26 years I´ve been living in Florida. I love the Mountains and growing up I´ve gone camping almost every summer of my life. I´m a down to earth person with an open mind.  I would love to meet a woman between the ages of 30 to 50 years old to start a friendship with letters and see where it goes.

Christopher Perri
# 979696
Taylor Annex
8501 Hampton Springs Rd.
Perry, Fla. 32348


*Geburtsjahr 1991*Michigan*

My name is Markus, but everyone calls me "Fitness God". I am from the States born and raised. I got locked up and sent to prison when I was 17 years old for a armed robbery and a attempt murder charge. I´ve been down for a lil over 9 years and I´ve a lil under 3 years left to serve. I´m a black male, height 5' 8", weight 195 pounds (solid), black hair and brown eyes, many tattoos and I was born at October, 4th 1991. I´m looking for a penfriend that I can laugh and grow with. Some of my interest are cars, sports, music and fitness. A few thing about me: I´m genuine , very ambitious , loyal to a fault, I have a great since of humor, have no kids, no vices and I´m in the midst of obtaining my certifications to become a certified personal trainer upon my release. I truly look forward to corresponding with you and building friendship with you.

DaMarkus Higginbotham
Baraga Correctional Facility
13924 Wadaga Road
Baraga, Michigan 49908


*Geburtsjahr 1995*Orlando FL*

Hallo an meine zukünftigen Brieffreunde,
ich bin Pascal, ein Deutscher in den USA inhaftiert, und suche nette Menschen, die Lust haben mit mir Briefe zu schreiben, sich mit mir auszutauschen, etwas über mich zu erfahren und von sich zu erzählen. Ich bin ein gläubiger Mensch, nicht an Religionen gebunden und sehr interessiert an Menschen dieser Welt und deren unterschiedlichen Kulturen. Geistesfreiheit und Weitsicht sind für mich wichtig. Egal, wie dunkel meine Vergangenheit war und durch welche Umstände ich im Gefängnis gelandet bin, ich versuche aus jedem Tag einen guten Tag zu machen und zu lernen. Ich habe hier erfolgreich meinen Highschoolabschluss gemacht und fange in Kürze ein Fernstudium ab. Falls du dich fragst, ob ich in Deutsch schreiben will und auch Briefe in deutscher Sprache erhalten darf: Ja, das ist mit dem Konsulat so abgesprochen. Allerdings muss man darauf hoffen, dass dies auch die Haftanstalt und der Mailroom so sieht und auch weiß. Also nicht aufgeben, jeder Brief, der mich erreicht wird auch von mir beantwortet und ich freue mich sehr, dich bald als Brieffreund kennenzulernen. Bis dahin grüßt euch über den großen Ozean... der Pascal!

Pascal Kaufmann #X94584
7000 HC Kelly Road
Orlando FL, 32831


*Geburtsjahr 1990*Baraga, Michigan*

My Name is Antar Hampton. I'm from Ann Arbor Michigan and I'm an African American man. To me the most important part of life is family, friendship and staying true to who you are and never compromising for anyone. I have to laugh and have fun. I have to read and self educate myself. If you would like to get in contact with me is a website called That also is an app you can get on your phone and we can message one another and send photos. Also, you can write me through the postal service at my postal address. Peace and love!

Antar Hampton, #658029
Baraga Maximum Correctional Facility (AMF)
13924 Wadaga Road
Baraga Michigan 49908-9204  


*Geburtsjahr 1966*Texas*  

My name is Derrick and fit for the duties and life and all its fullness. Incarcerated here in Texas USA in hopes that someone there who understands the need for love, commitment and unconditional bonds that's go far beyond religion, ethnic and class backgrounds just realizes the person as they are. Our society dictates man and woman through the lens and influences broadcast as how we should think, speak and act and that I´m not. So if you could see a space and time for me once or twice a week a month it truly being that added joy and knowing that there is someone who understands and care. Be well and be sure.  

Derick Dean Logan
Michael Unit
2664 F.M. 2054
Tennessee Colony, TX


*Geburtsjahr 1989*Freeland, Michigan*  

Hi, how are you? Good I hope! Well let me introduce myself. My Name ist Gary, but everyone calls me "Bubba". I´m white and now in 2019, I´m 9 years in prison. My out date is 26. August 2022. I had doing sometime some dumb choices I made when I was 21. So I´m now in prison. Over the years I´ve grown a lot as a man and learned a lot. I´m looking for a girl to get to know as a female penfriend. I really don´t have a certain type of female I´m looking for. Just someone that doesn´t mind taking the time out of their day to get to know me. Someone that is open mindet and ain´t afraid to open up to some new like me. Let me tell you a little about myself. I´m from Battle Creek, Michigan. I got one daughter. As you can not really see see from my photo I kind of got a lot of tattoos. I´m a good listener,how I been told bevore, and I´m open mindet. I always try to make the best out of everything. I like Rock, Country and some Rap-Music. I also like to watch TV, lift weights and take self help class in my free time. I hope, you don´t find my ad boring! If you´re interested in getting to know me, please send a letter of yourself with your information. Please put your name and adress in your letter, because we don´t get the envelopes.  

Gary James Douglasgreen
Saginaw Correction Facility
9625 Pierce Road
Freeland, MI 48623

Bitte Beachten! Gary bittet darum, dass die Absenderadresse auch im Brief erwähnt wird, da ihm die Umschläge zu den Briefen nicht ausgehändigt werden!


*Geburtsjahr 1958*Texas*  

My name is Deryl and I have been incarcerated on death row. I am looking for friends to correspond with and also to become my family. I no longer have family members. I have been able to some extent to keep my sanity and having friends on the outside for support is very important to me, I love to hear about their lives and daily activities. The things we all do can have some type of effect on others. I'm very easy-going, willing to listen and learn as well.  I love to read and history is my favourite. it doesn't matter who writes, you are welcome. Please, I would love to hear from someone. Thanks for reading. God bless you.  

Deryl Wayne Madison
Michael Unit 2664 F.M.
2054 Tennessee Colony, TX

Christopher Williams 

*Geburtsjahr 1991*Baraga, Michigan* 

Hi, I'mhere to find a friend that's willing to build. Now the pages of my life are anopen book, with nothing to hide. All you have to do is ask and I promise I willgive sou my honest response. I'm from Detroit am I born and raised. I'm lookingfor a friendship but if things go the other way. Then me as being a man have tofulfil what a woman want. I'm intelligent and book smart. You can go aboutwriting me direct or by logging on Just follow the directions. Just alittle head start on something about me: I'm the type of man you can talk tolike you talk with other woman. I'm a good listener, so when no one else aretrying to hear you, just depend on me your friend is listen. I come to realizeevery one needs or want somebody in someway forms or fashion. Plus that’s justlife right? The age range don't really matter as long as you a woman of virtue.I'm also a man that’s known to make a woman feel good, while I tell you thingstrue things to uplift your might be weary heart and put a smile on your facewhen things aren't going so well. I hope you can just give this real man achance to build whatever it is to come with us and have fun enjoying eachother. Oh, a please send me some contact info if you plan on writing me on jpayor a letter. If it is a letter please put your address info etc. inside theletter, because we don't receive the envelope. GOD BLESS! 

BaragaCorrectional Facility
13924 Wadaga Road
Baraga, MI 49908-9204

Bitte Beachten! Christopher bittet darum, dass dieAbsenderadresse auch im Brief erwähnt wird, da ihm die Umschläge zu den Briefennicht ausgehändigt werden!